Winterizing Your Phone

Keep your phone safe from the changing weather!

Winter weather is upon us, and if you like using your phone to take pictures of nature or if you just want to check Facebook, it is important to know some facts about your device and the cold weather.

First off, your phone is powered by a Lithium Ion Battery. Lithium is significantly affected by temperature fluctuations. When you pull your phone out in freezing weather, it can quickly go from 80% full to 5% or just shut off entirely. To mitigate this, we recommend carrying your phone in the warmest pocket possible and wrapping some material around it to keep it warm. I like using that random single sock that lost its pair when skiing because it keeps it warmer and dryer than leaving it in my pants pocket.

Most importantly, is knowing what to do next if your pocket holding your phone gets wet. Like all electronics getting wet, the first step is to shut it off as soon as you realize that moisture has gotten to the device. Once it is shut off, get it to a warm and dry place ASAP and DO NOT PLUG IT IN. I want to repeat that really important and often overlooked step, DO NOT TURN ON THE PHONE OR PLUG IT IN! Do not attempt to charge your device until you can verify that there is no moisture in the device. The only way you can be sure is by opening up the device and conclusively seeing no moisture. If you don’t have the ability to open it, bring it to someone that can, ie The Fix Hut. After its had a chance to dry completely, you can then try to turn it back on and see what happens.