Here at The Fix Hut we can repair a wide range of technical damage. We work on nearly all iPhones, anything from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone XS max! meaning iPhone 6,7,8 and all plus models. Have a broken port that won’t charge or even have something jammed in the charging port? We can repair or replace it in only an hours time. Maybe your phone has been in contact with water for some amount of water? We can repair that too, at no cost to you if we can’t!

Most commonly we repair broken iPhone screens after a bad drop. We use Grade A replacement glass so you do not have any issues after repair. Upon receiving a device to repair, we give a quick overall examination to assure there is no other issues in need of attention, we test all parts before and after the repair as so no defective parts reach the customer. When the device is open we spend a few moments cleaning out any dust/lint/debris that could have found its way in. Commonly devices can slow down or act odd when in need of a cleaning, plus having a clean frame for the screen to fit into makes for a better repair.

The second most common issue we get here at The Fix Hut is port damage. Anything fro the charging port to the headphone jack. Often enough it is just in need of a cleaning either from packed in pocket lint and dirt being forced into place each time the phone is plugged in to charge, or from the end of a charging cable snapping off and getting lodged into place. These can be repaired generally in under ten minutes meaning you can be in and out of the shop quickly. Ports like any anything else can ware out over time. The small flat pins in the port can corrode and become useless or even be pried out. 

Other, less common repairs are still a daily occurrence for us. Battery replacement, rear camera glass, buttons stuck in the frame, and most damaging, water. Water causes corrosion which can permanently end a phone if not taken care of quickly. We offer an in-depth cleaning process for water damage, taking roughly three full days. We use an ultrasonic bath to help brake away any build up. We then test multiple parts as to find any ruined components. From there we can find what all needs to be repaired.

We here ant The Fix Hut can fix just about anything. We have seen iPhones run over by trucks, frozen in a pond, even dropped several stories to pavement. If you have a device in need of repair, no matter the condition bring it in for a free assessment.